Kacamata 6 Warna Untuk Bersepeda (Rp. 149.000,-)



  • Brand New and High Quality.
  • Polarized lenses effectively filter UV and direct light so dazzling light, all-weather protection for your eyes,make vision clearer and more open.
  • Frame construction using high density resin, light weight and high strength impact resistance, for the best outdoor sports lens material.
  • With leather paint, in line with international E0/E1 standards,and acid-free, pigment is not stripping.
  • With myopia frame, nearsighted people can wear.
  • Supporting a sports headband, easy strenuous exercise.
  • UV400 safety lens, not broken, do not crack or rust, prevent ultraviolet light, lens curvature not exist a large part of the difference, you see things no distortion, no dizziness.
  • 6 lens, can easily replace the lenses.
  • Fits face closely & tightly.
  • Frame color: black.
  • Suitable for kite surfing, cycling, driving, shooting, hunting, paintball, etc.
  • Come with a glasses box, a cleaning cloth.

Package Included:

1 x Cycling Glasses Frame
6 x Glasses Lens
1 x Glasses Box
1 x Cleaning Cloth


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  1. Posted by dony on 18/01/2011 at 02:49

    gimana cara pesannya


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